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40 Years Since grounds itself in the philosophy of inclusion and liberated self-expression via various art mediums. This last month, the media exposed what has been a continuous strain of systemic racism embedded within our country. According to documentations, 172 black lives were lost in the last year and a half due to police brutality. 40 Years Since will conduct 172 podcast interviews with inspiring POC to honor the 172 lives lost. As cliche as it sounds, we’re all inherently flawed. Through this podcast, I want to cherish all of our perceived flaws. Our flaws pave roads to triumph through hills of adversity. This podcast will aim to actively promote change. These inspiring stories reflect humanity’s potential when we accept our dogmatic flaws to propel change. In reality, these societally deemed flaws are what make life beautiful; what makes life diverse and unpredictable; what makes life worth living. This is human nature —to be flawed. We’re not trying to “fix” ourselves. We are learning to appreciate our adversity, triumphs, and expression. No longer will we oppress to please. We hope to share with others stories that provide reassurance and support to those on the journey towards untainted and unfiltered self-expression. This is 172.

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