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 What happened on February 29th, 2020? $1537 raised, but what does that really mean? On the night of the 29th, we celebrated each other. 

40 years ago, society and the medical field neglected the rising issue of AIDS solely because of the mere associations to homosexuals. Imagine, a human screaming for help; dreaming for an answer to all their current challenges, but there’s no response. Instead, doctors rationalize death as a punishment for free sexual expression and all of society ostracizes you. At the root of all of this is ignorance overpowering empathy. And that’s something we see resurging today given the current situation. 

At 40 years since, we built a new community of people. We strongly value individual expression. It’s a new norm thousands died for, and we admire the lives lost in order to lead us here.  So, thank you for making this a possibility.  Thank you for valuing art beyond the surface. Thank you for valuing each other beyond our own surfaces. There is so much more to come, and I can’t want to share it with you all.



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